Crafty Mystery Box Challenge

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This Crafty Mystery Box Challenge theme is Floral and Foliage.


The Crafty Mystery Box Challenge allows you to let your creativity and imagination flow. It's a fun activity to challenge yourself while trying to create amazing crafts using selected craft products and one non-craft item.


By entering to participate in this challenge you are agreeing to either video or photograph the process and creation of your completed craft projects and send the footage or photos to The Crafters Stop. Your footage or photos will be complied together and that will form how your projects are judged and how the winner is decided.


Six lucky people will be randomly chosen to participate in this challenge. Each person will be shipped the same Mystery Box, which will contain a variety of normal and themed craft products plus one non-craft item. You will have 2 weeks to create as many completed craft products as you can using the materials supplied, you are also welcome to use other craft materials out of your own craft stash to complete any project. The one non-craft item can be used with any of your projects. Once you have completed your craft projects please send your footage or photos to us via email. The footage or photos will be complied together with your name and then posted on Facebook and Instagram. People will vote for their favourite or most creative projects and the person with the most votes will be crowned the very first Winner of The Crafty Mystery Box Challenge and will also win a $50 Gift Voucher.


  • Registration to participate in the Mystery Box Challenge will open on the 7th of May at 8am and close Sunday the 27th of May at 8pm.
  • The six lucky people chosen to participate will be announced on Monday 28th of May 8.00pm, chosen participants will need to forward their postal address ASAP.
  • Mystery Boxes will be shipped out between the 30th of May and Friday the 2nd of June.
  • Monday the 12th of June will be your official date to start your projects.
  • Footage or photos of the completed projects and creating process need to be forward to us via email before the 23rd of June 8pm. 
  • Completed projects will be posted on Facebook and Instagram on Monday day the 26th of June at 8pm, where people will start voting for their favourite project.
  • Voting will close on Sunday the 2nd of July at 8pm
  • The winner will be announced via social media and the website on Monday the 3rd of July at 8pm.