Rub On Transfer Application Instructions

Our Rub On Transfers are a quick and easy way to add colour and decoration to many different materials.

Application Instructions:

1. Trim around the design you wish to apply from the transfer sheet

2. Rub the backing paper so the the design will stick to the transparent sheet. Slowly remove the backing paper, taking care that the design remains complete.

3. Carefully position the transparent sheet on the surface to be decorated,  then rub the design firmly to remove any bubbles. You can use a burnishing tool, popsicle stick or something similar to apply firm gentle pressure when rubbing the transfer.

4. Gently pull back the transparent sheet from its edge, and peel it away slowly. If the transfer is still sticking to the sheet, place it back down and continue rubbing until it releases easily and completely. 

    Bonus Step - Optional
    For better adhesion, place a piece of the baking paper backing sheet over your adhered transfer and use your burnishing tool to rub it down one more time. This will remove bubbles and improve adhesion. To make your transfer last even longer, you may choose to apply a clear coat over the top.

    Important Information:

    The transfers are water, steam and heat resistant but contact with water, steam or heat should be avoided within the first 2 hours after application.

    The transfers are not re-usable so care should be taken when applying your transfer. Should you need to remove the transfer, then you can scrap the transfer off with a metal scraper, any residue can be removed with acetone.