The Crafters Carnival - Facebook Live


Everyone who purchases for our live will go into a giveaway draw, which will be drawn at the end of the night.

Our next Facebook Live is being held on
Thursday, the 23rd of May at 8pm
on our Facebook page.

What is The Crafters Carnival?

View the video explaining The Crafters Carnival

That is hard question to answer, but basically the simple answer is the The Crafters Carnival is a LIVE event on Facebook that will be hosting once a month. We will be offering Mystery Craft Balls, Mystery Craft Scoops, Games, Spinning Wheel, Chances to win products and so much more fun.

We will be selling:
Mystery Crafty Balls for $10 each, each mystery ball holds a piece a paper that lists the Craft product you have won (approximate value of the balls is from $12 to $20).
View the video explaining our Mystery Crafty Balls by clicking this link.

Mystery Crafty Scoops for $35 each, we have a big container mixed full of awesome craft product and a large scoop which will dig into our the container and packed it full to the brim with crafty supplies (approximate value of the scoops is from $30 to $50 depending on what your scoop contains.

Scoops are now available in Mini size as well.

View the videos of our massive Mystery Crafty Scoop box being filled by clicking this links below.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Mystery Crafty Lucky Dip for $5 each, as the name suggests it's a craft lucky dip just like in school, but this time it's for craft supplies. We have a box with wrapped parcels that contain crafty supplies, and we will pick one at random. We will do this live on facebook and you will see what your lucky dips contains. The lucky dip value of each parcel will range from $6 to $10.

Purchase Mystery Crafty Balls here.
Purchase Mystery Crafty Scoops here.
Purchase Mystery Crafty Lucky Dips here.

There will be a spinning wheel, pick -a- bag, crafty number and other games that you can win prizes from. There is no commitment to buy, you can even join us to hang out, chat about all things craft and just have a good time. Everyone who orders from the live with get a free entry into our monthly giveaway and you can also win extra entries. YAY!!!

Free games include the ones below: (View the video here)